Solar Installation

Renewable Energy – A National and Economic Interest

In recent years, solar installations have become part of the Israeli landscape. The photovoltaic panels mounted on many rooftops in areas of industry and commerce, business compounds, agricultural zones and residential neighborhoods are a manifestation of the synergy between economic and business interests and the national interest to encourage generation and use of green energy.

The National Objective – Your Window of Opportunity!

The Israeli government set an objective for the year 2020, to have 10% of all electricity consumed in Israel produced from renewable energy. In order to meet this objective, the government is encouraging rooftop owners to install solar installations by removing bureaucratic obstacles such as cancelling the requirements for building permits and betterment taxes on these installations. Furthermore, the Electricity Authority of Israel made an announcement in November 2018 about an additional quota for the production of solar energy on rooftops at a rate of 45 agorot per kilowatt-hour, which will be produced by solar installations at a capacity of 15 to 100 Kilowatts. For business, commercial and agricultural rooftop owners, this is a window of opportunity, possibly the last of its kind, to gain a steady income for the next 25 years. The opportunity will end when the quota of 250 megawatt is reached or at the end of 2019.

Enjoy a Steady Income, Without Investing a Dime!

The new quota assigned by the government is already in popular demand, understandably so. Installing a solar installation assures owners of businesses, companies, agricultural buildings and private homes with a rooftop 500 to 2000 square meters large, a substantial monthly income and returns on the investment within 5 years – with 100% financing and no use of capital.

RES – For Renewable Energy In All Economic Sectors
  • Solar Installations for Businesses

    Installations designed for office buildings, malls and shopping compounds sized 500sqm – 2000sqm, without shading.

  • Solar Installations for Industrial Buildings

    Installations designed for storage spaces, car garages, factories and logistics centers with concrete roofs or corrugated iron roofs.

  • Solar Installations for Public Institutions

    Installations designed for public institutions such as hospitals, synagogues, government offices and private homes with rooftops sized 500sqm – 2000sqm.

  • Solar Installations for Agricultural Buildings

    Installations designed for farms and various agricultural structures; Packing houses, cowsheds, hen houses, greenhouses etc.

RES – By Your Side, From A to Z

  • Planning a solar installation that suits your needs
  • Testing of the designated rooftop
  • Managing the correspondence with your bank for financing the purchase of the installation
  • Handling documents and permits required by your local authorities
  • Mounting the installation
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the installation throughout the warranty period