Mone Neto

If you are private or institutional electricity consumers owning an unutilized rooftop, and you’d like to minimize your electricity bills - an RES Net Metering System is the perfect solution for you. With a Mone Neto System you can generate your own electricity according to your usage, at a fixed price for 25 years, and thereby minimize or even eliminate the amount of electricity you purchase from the national electricity company. When your electricity usage is lower than the generating capacity of the Mone Neto System, the unused electricity will feed back into the national grid and its value will be deduction from your future electricity bills.

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RES’s Mone Neto program offers you two options, with individual and full support all the way through:


Purchasing the Mone Neto System, self-funded or through one of the attractive financing programs available today, will return your investment within a few years.


For large roof owners, RES Group leases the roof and installs a Mone Neto System at no cost, thereafter providing the owners with electricity at a lower rate than national electricity rates.

RES’s Mone Neto Systems allows you to generate your own electricity and reduce to a minimum and even eliminate your electricity bill!
And there’s more…
If you generate more electricity than you need, the excess electricity will feed back into the national grid and its value will be deducted from your future electricity bills!
Calculate Now How Much You Can Save with RES’s Mone Neto: