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Business Ecosystem

RES Group, known for its high quality, competitive and compelling solar installation projects, works with leading contractors and suppliers, carefully hand-picked from their fields. RES Group also enjoys the support of high net worth investors.

Our Partners in Success – Land and Rooftop Owners

One of RES Group’s goals is to offer added financial and environmental value to land and rooftop owners, in the private, industrial and public sectors. A colaboration with RES allows land and rooftop owners to benefit from capitalizing their assets and enjoy an annual passive income for many years.

RES Group believes a healthy and transparent working relationship is the key to all successful business, therefore RES invests many resources in choosing appropriate projects, defining commercial understandings, signing an agreement that is beneficial and fair for both parties and in building the projects and maintaining them for many years.

Our Partners for Social Change – IMPACT Projects

RES group devotes many resources to IMPACT projects that create added financial, social and environmental value:

  • The Non-Profit Sector – RES promotes solar installations in non-profit organizations to help reduce their overhead costs and utilize their budget to better serve their goals for social change.
  • The Bedouin Sector – RES promotes solar projects on rooftops and properties in permanent Bedouin settlements. These projects help residents develop the land and yield a long term, continuous, steady and secure income, as well as take part in the Israeli solar revolution.