RES – All Our Energy Towards a Greener World

RES, an entrepreneurial group founded by Yoav Maoz and Yaniv Malchi, has been operating in the field of green and renewable energy for the past 10 years, installing solar installations and creating projects that offer its business, industrial and agricultural clients added financial and environmental value.

Paving Your Road to Savings

RES Group offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in initiating, building and operating large and medium sized, high and low voltage solar energy installations, allowing owners of businesses, factories, cowsheds and hen houses with rooftops of 500 to 2000 square meters to benefit from a business opportunity including a solid financial investment and long term high returns through self production of 50 to 100 kilowatts of electricity.

RES Group has proven its high capabilities in building rooftop solar installations and advancing projects in conjunction with the national planning authorities and are commited to supporting their clients from the early stages of initiation, through the acquisition of building permits, through building the solar installation and operating it, to monitoring the system when it’s complete and connected to the grid.

Investing Energy in Growth

RES Group works in successful collaboration with leading contractors and suppliers, carefully hand-picked from their fields. The group manages projects on a scale of over ten megawatt, including dozens of solar installations around the country, and owns tens of active renewable energy instalations in the consumer and industrial sectors.

Quality and Safety Standards

Res Group meets the most stringent quality and safety standards in the solar energy field.