RES – All The Energy for a Higher Yeild

RES group has operated in the solar energy field for ten years. The group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in initiating, developing, building and operating large and medium sized commercial solar energy installations. These installations allow you, owners of businesses, factories, companies, institutions, cowsheds, greenhouses and hen houses, with a rooftop of 500 to 2000 sqm, to enjoy a business opportunity that includes a solid financial investment, long term high returns and a significant contribution to a greener environment, by self-generating 50 to 100 kilowatts of electricity. Read More >

The National Objective is Your Window of Opportunity!

The Israeli government set an objective for the year 2020, to have 10% of all electricity consumed in Israel produced from renewable energy. To meet this objective the Electricity Authority made a recent announcement about an additional quota for the production of solar energy on rooftops at a rate of 45 agorot per kilowatt-hour. For business and agricultural rooftop owners this is an opportunity to gain a steady income for the next 25 years. Don’t delay! The demand for solar installations is high and the quota will soon be reached Read More >

Our Projects

ARAD – 404KW


NOV – Kibutz NOV – 284KW

Our Solutions

RES group is a highly professional Israeli company in the field of renewable energy. The group offers its extensive experience in initiating, planning, building, operating and maintaining large and medium sized commercial solar installations for the production of electricity by its commercial and industrial clients, in energy efficiency systems in factories and in biogas Read More >